Sila Clops
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Basic Info


37,000 lunar months


I Always Look On The Bright Side

Fashion Style:

Intergalactic Glam

Cosmic Quirk:

I'm bright eyed



Fav earth food:

Carrots, They're Good For Vision!

Favorite activity:

Flashlight tag

I Don't Get:

Being Afraid Of The Dark

Wants to Learn:

Winking. When I Do It, I Just Can't See!


To light the way for my Earth friends!

Sila Clops is a one-eyed Novi Star that was introduced on Facebook. Her mission on Earth is to light the way for her friends! Her eye lights up. Her name is a play-on word from and of "Cyclops".


Sila is a cyclops with a light-up eye, and is described as bright-eyed. She always looks on the bright side, and has an intergalactic glam style. Her pet is called "1-Eye", and her symbol is a spiked ring.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sila is a sparkly dark magenta color. Her doll itself is 7 inches tall, and her eye is dark purple and has a spiked ring icon (the white spot in the middle of the pupil). Her hair is a hot pink color. Her antennas are swirly and resemble gears.



Sila is good friends with Alie Lectric, Una Verse, Ari Roma, Mae Tallick, Nita Light, Malie Tasker, Tula Toned, Gail Lexi, and Cici Thru.


Sila Clop's pet is named 1-Eye. She first "landed" on earth along with 1-Eye.

Dolls and MerchandiseEdit


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Sila wears a puffy silver dress with a black jacket. Her shoes are hot pink heels, and on her wrist is a silver spiked bracelet. Her hair is worn loose, and her bangs frame either side of her face. The doll comes with a pet, possibly a brush, and possibly a planet-shaped doll stand that glows in the dark.