Molecule is Una Verse's pet.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Molecule is a multicolored creature. It's head is blue while its entire body is a dull yellow. It's hands are thin and black, matching its curly black tail with a pink fuzzy pom pom on the very end. It's feet also resemble fuzzy pink pom poms. Molecule has noticeably two small fanged teeth and black colored eyes with multiple lashes and small pink hearts in the center. On the very top of its head are black horns with thin magenta stripes. It's very playful and curious, and can apparently float like Una can.

Dolls and MerchandiseEdit

Basic molecule
  • Line: 'Basic'
  • Release: June 2012

'Basic' Molecule is in a standing position. The heart symbols on it's head are no longer included like in the artwork.