Malie Tasker
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Basic Info


11.3 billion zettaseconds



Fashion Style:

Super chic

Cosmic Quirk:

I can fix my hair, brush my teeth, put on makeup and get dressed all at once!



Fav earth food:

Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches cut in fours, a section for each hand!

Favorite activity:

I can do gymnastics all day!

I Don't Get:

Why mittens only come in pairs.

Wants to Learn:

How to juggle.


To give everyone a hug who needs one.

Malie Tasker is a four-armed Novi Star that was introduced on Facebook. Her mission on Earth is to give hugs to people who need them. She "landed" with Tula Toned. Her dolls arms stretch and glow in the dark. Her name is a play-on word from and of "Multi-tasker".


Malie is described as ultra-organized. Malie is a very organized girl who can usually keep track of every single thing she knows of. This may mean she is smart, or just has a detailed memory. Her pet is 4.0, and her symbol is a swirl.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Malie is a sparkly white color. Her doll itself is 7 inches tall, and her eyes are blue and red and have a swirl icon (the white spot in the middle of the pupil). Her hair is a deep blue with black colors . She also has dull yellow streaks in her lunar hair . Her antennas are swirly and are Saturn shaped.



Malie is best friends with Tula Toned. It is most likely that she is also good friends with Alie Lectric, Una Verse, Ari Roma, Mae Tallick, Nita Light, Sila Clops, Gail Lexi, and Cici Thru.


Malie Tasker's pet is named 4.0 . She first "landed" on earth along with 4.0.

Dolls and MerchandiseEdit


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  • Line: 'Basic'
  • Release: 2013
  • Model number: 520610

Malie wears a wears a teal mini-dress with shoulder pieces. The dress has a yellow matching segment on her skirt and a thin double-belt around her waist, worn over the middle of her dress. The end of the skirt is a black fishnet material. Her shoes are black heels with thick black platforms and yellow dot lining. On her wrist is a teal spiked bracelet. Her hair is worn loose, and her bangs frame either side of her face. The doll comes with a 4.0 figurine, a brush, and a planet-shaped doll stand that glows in the dark.