Below are the Novi Stars characters. Each character is from a different universe and planet. They each have there own cosmic quirks that make them each stand out from any other person. They seem to be in middle school, but if you want to comment your opinion, check out the Ages page.

Alie Lectric: as the seemingly main character of the series, Alie is extremly friendly. Her cosmic quirk is blushing, corresponding to her doll being able to light up. Both her antenna simbol is a heart. She is 200 trillion light years old.

Ari Roma: Ari is said to be bubbly and caring. Her cosmic quirk is her being an actual airhead, because she cannot breath Earth air and has to wear a clear helmet, or bubble, around her head. Her doll is scented, smelling like bubblegum. Her antenna simbol is a star. She is 3000 eons old.

Una Verse: Una is the dazzling diva character. Her cosmic quirk is carelessly floating. Her doll is filled with water that contains glitter, her doll is also very sparkly. Her antenna is a spiral. She is 4 quadrillion light years old.

Mae Tallick: Mae is a chatterbot. She also seems to be interested in being a popstar. Her doll can talk. Her antenna simbol is a bow. She is 13.7 billion years old.

Nita Light : Nita Light is the newest character of the series. Her doll is the first Novi Stars doll to come in a playset. Her antenna simbol appears to be a lightning bolt. Her doll glows. She is 6000 Light Years old.

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