02 is Ari Roma's pet.

Physical DescriptionEdit

02 is a little yellow creature with big blue starry eyes. 02's hair is yellow, and is worn in small pigtails held with blue scrunchies. While 02's bangs being magenta in color, match both it's suit and beaded heart crown. It is unknown if it has fingers or toes, as it seems to wear a full Magenta body suit (which may or may not just be it's body). On it's body is a sparkly blue heart and like Ari, it wears a Bubble over it's head with two small pink hearts on each side.

Dolls and MerchandiseEdit

71dO-bdZh4L. SL1500
  • Line: 'Basic'
  • Release: June 2012

'Basic' 02 is in a standing position. It is dressed in a magenta body suit (which may or may not just be it's body).

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